Chinese version:2. 管辖权

In this section, institution establishers can clarify the extent of power the institution has to regulate sexual harassment in or out of schools. This part consults the Harvard Handbook on sexual harassment and the Philosophia anti-misogynistic environment handbook.

How can I apply?

The basic format of jurisdiction

The jurisdiction of this handbook includes all gender-related harassment carried out online (such as official WeChat group, Club WeChat group, Class WeChat group, school project WeChat group, etc.) and offline (campus, community activities, club external activities, etc.) by A school's students, faculty, employees or third parties, whenever the misconduct occurs:

If a member of A school suffers sexual harassment from external personnel due to A school-related projects and activities, this policy still applies/does not apply.

As long as the case is known to the Committee and within its ability, whether in the past (within X year of the case’s occurrence; for more severe cases, even if the case happened before a year, the committee may consider investigation if necessary) or now, the committee will try its best to solve it, handle it prudently and fairly. For cases that cannot be settled within the school (maybe due to the involvement of the court or police), the committee will also actively cooperate with the investigation and submit them to relevant units or departments for handling.

What’s next...

Before enacting policies for this institution, the institution-establisher should understand how Chinese law punishes sexual harassment cases, and respectively, what sexual misconducts are severer. Hence, in the next section, we will introduce relevant Chinese legal documents.

3. Legal documents